In choosing to be a community philanthropist, you secured your place within United Way and our community as a guardian of the future.
Such leadership looks toward tomorrow while addressing the most pressing needs of today. You can parallel your personal success by producing significant results
in our community by becoming a member of United Way of Madison County's Alexis de Tocqueville or Feather Societies.

Leadership Giving Societies

We invite you to join with other leaders in this community to become a member of The Feather Society. As a member, your contribution demonstrates leadership, encourages others to give, and provides solutions to health and human service needs. The Feather Society members are a group of individuals who shape the future. They have stepped forward to show that our community and its resident merit significant personal investment. By focusing our energies, you and United Way will make miracles happen. Historically, the red feather has symbolized leadership and honor at United Way. The society regnized individuals providing annual support at the following signicant levels:

  • Platinum: $5,000-$9,999
  • Gold: $3,500-$4,999
  • Silver: $2,000-$3,499
  • Red: $1,000-$1,999


The impact of your philanthropy will last a lifetime. Your gifts provide the power to generate change, to transform the tomorrows of those in need. United Way of Madison County treasures its partnership with you. We take pride in the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness offered through Leadership Giving. We value the legacy of care and commitment we are creating together. We appreciate your willingness to share and are honored you have chosen us to help you invest in a caring community.


Today's fast-paced world demands that you make choices with the resources you have at your disposal. When you do something, you want it to count. United Way of Madison County makes your caring count. Gifts like yours, when combined with the contributions of others, become magnified to do more good than you ever thought possible. Your generosity is becoming your legacy.

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is a United Way leadership giving and recognition program founded in Huntsville in 1994. It exists to foster, promote, and recognize the vital importance of voluntary community service and personal giving at an exceptional level.

Membership includes individuals and private foundations meeting the leadership giving standard of $10,000 or more annually. A $100,000 gift entitles individuals to membership in the national society. Those whose gifts are $1,000,000 and above become members of the elite Million Dollar Roundtable.

This society honors Alexis de Tocqueville, the Frenchman who wrote so enthusiastically of the American spirit of voluntary association and voluntary effort for the common good.

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