Community-Wide Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

United Way of Madison County is pleased to release our 2018-2019 Community Wide Needs Assessment. We couldn't have produced this quality informational report that gives the entire community a place to begin to address need without thousands of hands and voices to help. Thanks to all involved.

It is United Way's gift, locally, to the collaborative, caring efforts of :
  • individuals who want to know more about need in Madison County and the community they live in,
  • the nonprofit health and human sector (and service organizations) who are searching for statements of needs for grants and volunteer opportunities
  • companies, businesses and corporations who need expert advice on how and where to invite their corporate dollars and their employee talent and strengths
Check our facebook page #uwmadisoncounty for updates on community conversations sessions later this year exploring next steps to address key recommendations and issues raised from this report.

If you would like to save or print a copy of this report, we have the full version and the executive summary available here:
  download the full version download the executive summary  



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