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Do you have a young child in your life?
Do you need resources to help you maximize his or her early years?
Do you want to understand what's happening at any stage age birth through 5 years?


Ever been on a walk with a young child and seen the wonder in her eyes as a she stoops to pick a bright flower from the curb, or the gleeful excitement on his face when a big bug runs across the path? We've taken these moments and made them easy for you to use as learning opportunities at each of our Wonderwalks! Families can get exercise, while looking for shapes in the trees, feeling textures of various surfaces, and identifying sounds heard close by. Find a Wonderwalk nearest you:

Brahan Spring Park Wonderwalk
Mill Creek Greenway Wonderwalk
AA&MU Legacy Lake Wonderwalk
Public Library Wonderwalk
Gateway Greenway Wonderwalk

Resources for Early Education

To My Parents

Being ready and doing well in the first few years of school sets the stage for years of success. Learning begins at birth, and there are some important things you can do at home to help make sure your child walks into kindergarten ready for success.

To My Parents - Checklist

Here's a list, year-by-year through kindergarten, to help you and your child through the criticial first few years of school.

A Mis Padres

Esta es una lista, año tras año, a través del jardín de infantes, para ayudarle a usted ya su niño a través de los primeros años criticiales de la escuela.

Help Me Grow Alabama

  • Regularly receive developmental questionnaires to help you know if your child is growing JUST RIGHT.
  • To be connected to developmental resources within your community AND
  • To be empowered to take an active role in your child's healthy development.

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Early Learning Resources

For many, many more resources for you and your child, visit the Early Learning Resources Center hosted by UCP Huntsville!
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"To My Parents" brochures are intended for personal use only. For more copies, please call our office at (256) 536-0745. Brought to you in partnership with the Madison County Children's Policy Council and Quality Quick Printing.   Brought to you in partnership with "Take My Hand, Walk with Me" community school readiness initiative by Greengate School, UCP Huntsville, United Way of Madison County, and Village of Promise.

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